Do you offer any classes for kids that are younger than 5 years old?

Not yet.  But we are working on it 🙂

How do I book a lesson?

Please contact us to discuss the specifics of the lesson you are interested in booking. That way, we can match the student with a lesson that suits the student’s schedule, maturity and experience level.

Contacting us is especially important if you are interested in booking a group lesson so that we may assess which of the group classes we offer (if any) would be a good fit for the student and whether that class still accepts new students.

Will my lesson take place at the same time each week?

Yes, your lesson will take place once each week at the same day and time of the week. While we try to accommodate requests for schedule changes, this generally requires finding another student that is willing to switch with you.

How long are the lessons?

Each lesson is scheduled to be 45 minutes long.  As our lessons are booked back-to-back, we kindly ask that each student enter the studio at the beginning and leave at the end of their scheduled lesson time. If you should arrive early, we offer a waiting area just outside of our studio. If a student arrives late, this reduces their actual lesson time.

What is the difference between private lessons and group lessons?

In private lessons, there is one teacher and one student. In group lessons, there is one teacher and up to three students.

What is the difference between “enrollment by calendar month” and “lesson pack enrollment”?

In the case of “enrollment by calendar month”, tuition is due on the first day of the calendar month and covers each weekly lesson during that month for a total of at least four and in some months even five lessons. If there will be fewer than four lessons that month due to a school break or public holiday, tuition for the calendar month is reduced accordingly.

In the case of “lesson pack enrollment”, tuition is paid by purchasing lesson credits in packs of four. At each weekly lesson time, one lesson credit is automatically deducted unless the school is closed due to a school break or public holiday.  A student may “save” their lesson credit from being deducted by notifying us at least 24 hours in advance of their lesson time that they will not be attending the lesson. In other words: With lesson pack enrollment, you have the option to skip lessons without incurring a charge so long as you give us 24 hours advance notice.

What happens if I am unable to attend a scheduled lesson, for example due to vacation, work or illness?

Students enrolled by purchasing lesson packs need only notify us at least 24 hours in advance that they will not be attending a lesson. So long as we receive that advance notice, you will “save” your lesson credit, regardless of the reason for your absence. If we do not receive that advance notice, a lesson credit will automatically be deducted at the time of the missed lesson.

Students enrolled by calendar month should let us know prior to paying tuition if they are going to miss lessons that month due to vacation. We will then reduce the monthly rate accordingly. We are unable to offer any other accommodation for missed lessons, whether the absence is due to work, illness or any other reason. In particular, we are unable to offer credits, refunds or make-up lessons.

If you are considering your enrollment options and expect you will be unable to attend each weekly lesson in a coming calendar month, lesson pack enrollment may be the better option for you.

Do you offer make-up lessons?

We do not offer make-up lessons. However, for students who have purchased credits for private lessons, we work actively with the student to find time for additional, extracurricular lessons.

Do I need to set up an automatic payment plan to pay tuition?

No, we do not require an automatic payment to be set up. You will retain full control over your tuition payments. At the end of the last calendar month for which you have paid tuition, and after you have used up your last lesson credit, your enrollment will simply lapse.

What should I bring to my first lesson?

Please bring a notebook and a writing utensil. Your instructor will provide staff paper, tab paper and chord notation charts when necessary.  Also, if you already have your own instrument, please bring it to class. 

Do I need to bring my own instrument to class?

You do not need to bring an instrument to any trial lesson or Keys or Drums lesson. We will provide instruments and all other necessary equipment.

You will need to bring your own instrument to Strings lessons.  We will provide all other necessary equipment including instrument cables.  

For Songwriting, Music Production or Recording lessons, we encourage participants to bring their preferred instruments. We will have keyboards, some string instruments and two drum sets available and will provide all other necessary equipment.

How often and for how long should I practice?

Regular and consistent practice is key. We recommend that you make time for practice approximately 30 minutes each day.  Quality matters more than quantity — “only perfect practice makes perfect”:  Limit your practice to no more than an hour at a time, take regular breaks (e.g., 5 minutes for every 15 minutes of practice) and stop once you become unable to maintain proper form.

I am running late to pick up my kid – what do I do?

We kindly request that a parent (or other care-taker) stay on the premises during your child’s lessons. As soon as your child’s lesson is over, they need to exit the studio to allow the next student’s lesson to commence on time and they will be unattended. If you are unable to stay on the premises during your child’s lesson and cannot make it back by the end of the lesson, please let us know you are running late: (201) 279-1055.  Please note that we reserve the right to charge a late pick-up penalty.

My child is sick – may I still send him or her to class?

Out of consideration for other student families, we unfortunately cannot allow students into class that are contagious.  As a general rule, please do not send your child to class if he or she is running a temperature (above 98 degrees F), has vomited within the last 24 hours, or is unable to prevent the spreading of bodily fluids.  We reserve the right to turn away students that, in our judgment, pose a hazard to other students.