Innovative Courses Are Effective, Socially Engaging and Empowering

Our courses are extraordinarily effective because we employ the best instructors, powerful didactic principles and cutting-edge music technology.  Our instructors ensure each class is tailored to your individual interests, strengths and needs, taking into account your particular pace of progress.  They let you choose which song you want to learn, rather than putting you through “educationally valuable” pieces like so many “method” courses. They introduce new information using your preferred way of learning including audio-visual illustrations.  And they record you during practice, providing you with instantaneous, objective feed-back to make your practice more efficient.

Taught in a small group setting of two to three students, each group lesson socially engages you to make music side-by-side and eventually together with others. This social engagement will not only help you find like-minded friends. It will make your lessons more satisfying,  facilitate conversation about the musical concepts you are learning about, strengthen your motivation to practice and teach you the essential musical skill how to “stay in the pocket”.

Course content is designed to achieve this goal: empower you to express yourself through music! Our courses take an intuitive approach to exploring musical concepts. This permits you to rapidly grasp how to reproduce common musical phrases, quickly enabling you to compose your own music. Once you become more advanced, this will allow you to write, record and perform your own songs.

To find out more about the innovative courses we offer, please take a look at our Course Descriptions.

Flexible Enrollment Adapts to Your Timetable

Choose freely from the many types of enrollment we offer each week: There is sure to be one that works with your schedule and goals. Looking for a lesson recurring each week at an affordable rate and enjoy a little company? Our monthly enrollment in small group lessons is right for you!  You don’t need to enroll for an entire semester. Your enrollment only extends to one month at a time. When you’re ready to take a break, all you have to do is — nothing!

Or, perhaps you prefer to have your instructor all to yourself each week. We also offer monthly enrollment in private lessons. After your initial assessment, your instructor will craft a curriculum that is especially designed to achieve your goals on your timetable. As you progress with your course, your instructors will continuously fine-tune the content of your classes to make sure your growth as a musician continues with efficiency and speed. 

Have a less than certain schedule and expect you’ll need to skip a class here and there? Purchase a pack of lesson credits for group or private lessons and only use them for lessons you are certain you’ll be able to take. If you have to skip a lesson, just give us a heads-up in advance and your good — with zero penalties or limitations.  We do not limit how many times or for how long you may defer your classes.

Check out our Course Schedule to see the many classes you can choose from.

Competitive Pricing is Affordable, Transparent and Straight-Forward

Pricing is affordable. Our rates start as low as $99 for a calendar month of group lessons with one 45-minute class each week. That works out to less than $25 per lesson. Even our monthly private lessons, priced at $199 per calendar month (with one 45-minute class each week), cost less than $50 per lesson. However you slice it, you will not find a better value!

Pricing is transparent. There is no fine-print that increases the “true” price per lesson such as initiation or membership fees, deferral surcharges, credit expirations, or restrictions on terminating your enrollment. For example, if you enroll into our monthly group lessons after the first day of the calendar month, we’ll issue you a lesson credit for any lesson you’ve missed that month.

Pricing is straight-forward. At Gotham Music Academy you do not pay for lessons that do not take place due to a scheduled school closure.  Whether your lesson falls onto a public holiday, into a school break, or because your instructor has other plans — if during any calendar month we will offer fewer than four lessons total due to a scheduled school closure, we’ll reduce the monthly rate accordingly. 

With no pressure to “get your money’s worth”, you can feel free to focus on what matters: Making music. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s move on to Enrollment!