Gotham Music Academy

Music School in Jersey City, NJ. Learn how to make music | compose | record | produce | perform.  Make Yourself Heard!  Music lessons for voice : electric guitar : bass guitar : ukulele : keyboard.  Gotham Beatmakers program for music production.  Other search terms: Kids music lessons. Teens music lessons. Adult music lessons. Music composition lessons. Music performance lessons. Music recording lessons. Private music lessons. Group music lessons. Singing lessons. Voice lessons. Guitar lessons. Electric guitar lessons. Bass lessons. Bass guitar lessons. Ukulele lessons. Keyboard lessons. Drums lessons. Percussion lessons. Beatmaking lessons. Beatmaker lessons. Gotham Beatmakers. 


Voice & Instrument Music Lessons
Composition & Performance Focus
Recording & Music Production Program

Limited Time Offer

Each Student Enrolled By 
NOVEMBER 1, 2018 
for any
One Club Course
All Club Courses
Then Offered
for as Long as the Student Remains Enrolled During Winter Semester 2018/19!

The BEST INTRUCTORS for the best results

Our incredible instructors make your music education fun and easy:  Not only are they all awesome musicians, they also know how to listen to you.  Not only do they do they know their stuff, they also know how to break it down so that you’ll get it.  They really are rock stars. (Some, literally.)

Learn how to

make music






Let your music reach the WORLD

Our upcoming EVENTS

In addition to our professionally staged and recorded talent show at the end of each semester, we regularly host events at which our students and instructors perform.

Stay tuned for announcements.

Proud to Be Based at
the Barrow Mansion in JERSEY CITY, NJ